We would like to inform you that on 26 May 2011, at 4 p.m. the first Meeting of Star1 Airlines BPSC creditors shall be called under Part 1 of Article 22 of the Republic of Lithuania on Corporate Bankruptcy Law, and that it shall be held at the following address: Mokyklos St. 1, Bukiškės, LT-14182, Vilnius reg. mun. (in the premises of Bukiškės Agricultural School of)*.

The creditor registration procedure starts at 3.30 p.m.

Provided Creditors’ Meeting agenda:

  1. Fixing of the Creditors’ Meeting regulations.
  2. Approval of administrator’s report on the progress of the bankruptcy proceedings.
  3. Election of Chair of the Creditors’ Meeting.
  4. Election of the Creditors’ Committee.
    1. Determination of number of the Creditors’ Committee members;
    2. Election of the Creditors’ Committee members;
    3. Fixing of the Creditors’ Committee regulations;
  5. Proposal to the Court for liquidation proceedings.
  6. Determination of procedure of calling of the Creditors’ Meetings and submission of information on the bankruptcy process and agenda-related items, approval of the Meeting regulations.
  7. Approval of the agency agreement text.
  8. Empowering the Chair of the Creditors’ Meeting to sign the agency agreement with the VERMOSA UAB administrator on behalf of Star1 Airlines BPSC.
  9. Approval of the administrative expenditure estimate

Person representing a creditor at the Meeting of Creditors must provide a properly executed letter of attorney and identity document (passport); others must provide an identity document (passport).

The creditors unable to attend the Meeting have the right to express their written opinions (“for” or “against”) on each resolution of the Meeting by signing written voting bulletins, which are to be sent to us: Vermosa UAB, A. Goštauto St. 40A, LT-01112 Vilnius, as well as by fax: (8~5) 204 5052 or e-mail:

Meeting agenda materials:

1. Writing vouting bulletin Bulletin.
2. Agency agreement – Agreement.
3. Regulations of creditors’ meeting – Regulations
4. Information Provision Procedure – Information provision

At the creditor’s request, the complete Meeting agenda materials can be sent to the creditor’s e-mail.


* Those unable to attend the Meeting of Creditors using their own vehicles are recommended to come to the Meeting using the Vilnius Bus Station suburban-service bus route Vilnius-Brinkiškis (line 10). Departure time: 2.50 p.m. Arrival station: 1-osios Bukiškės. You can also use other buses and minibuses with such route directions as Širvintos, Kernavė, Sudervė, and Alionys.


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